Night Off

Despite my constant reminders that a writer should write everyday, tonight I’ve decided to give myself some time off. It’s the end of the week, I’m tired and the regulars […]

Looking After Yourself

Let’s face it, writers abuse themselves. They sit in front of a computer for countless hours. They sit up half the night then can’t sleep because the scenes continue playing […]

Punching it out

Last night I reported having difficulties with a fight scene. I persevered and managed to get the scene started. Hopefully, this evening I’ll be able to pick up where I […]

Play it again, Sam

Chapter 6 is moving very slowly. There is a scene where the antagonist attacks my protagonist group. However, I can’t seem to visualise the scene. For those of you who […]

Writers as Readers

Once a writer becomes serious about their craft, reading no longer has the power to entertain them because a writer develops an editing mind and that mind has its own […]

Ebooks, POD and Vanity Printing

To put it simply…for me, to be e-published or to have a book self-published is the same as not being published at all. Why? Because anyone can produce an e-book, anyone can go down the POD or vanity press road. Anyone.