The Elements of Style

Elements of Style is the online version of the classic grammar book by Willian Strunk Jr. You’d think the contents would be out of date, but they are not. If […]

Most Common Names

I’ve decided to change the name of my fantasy world. Firstly, because there is an online fantasy game using the current name and even though I can prove I’ve been […]

Fantasy World Names

Yesterday I discovered that there’s an online fantasy game which uses the same name as my fantasy world. The fact that the fantasy game’s name describes the land is even […]


I saw this movie the other night and, unfortunately, I was disappointed with it. Usually I love these types of movie. They are fun to watch but there was something […]

Write a Novel

Last year I attended a writing course and made heaps of notes on how to write a novel from the beginning. Several months later, I started a part-by-part series based […]

The Plague

Book 3 of my trilogy will deal with the bubonic plague. Although I know a lot about this disease because I’ve already researched it through my love of Medieval times, […]

First Draft

Today I completed the first draft of my 2005 anthology story. Even though I call it a first draft, it’s a good, clean copy which I feel pleased with. I […]

Infectious Diseases

I need to find a suitable infectious disease for book 3 of my trilogy but I need to know what the disease will be in book 1 because there’s a […]