A Discovery!

I just found out that the verification code is working. I had the settings for comments sending me notification when a comment comes in, but I hadly ever check that particular email address and have been coming directly here to check the comments in moderation. Today, I thought I should check that email address and … Read moreA Discovery!

Official Judo Information

This is the Official Judo Information Site at JudoInfo.com and since I’m research Judo, I thought I should add the links here so that I can find them again later when I need them. This page includes some of the techniques, the rankings for juniors and seniors and some interesting history. My character must sound … Read moreOfficial Judo Information

Moving to another location

No, I’m not shifting my webspace again. I’ll be at this location for, at least, the rest of this year but I’ve got this web address for three years so…I’m going no where. I’ve been complaining about the internet and how much of a distraction it can be. Well, yesterday afternoon I moved all my … Read moreMoving to another location