Guard’s Mustering

This is the short story I’m writing for the competition. The word count in the sidebar has been changed and now relates to this story. The deadline for submission is […]

Story Abandoned

Before Christmas, I reported that I was writing a story for an Australian magazine competition (first prize $10,000 and publication). Well, after only 1000 words I’ve decided to abandon the […]

Did you know? Advance

An advance is money paid to the author upon acceptance and contract of the manuscript. Generally half is paid at contract stage, and the other half is paid upon submission […]

Eye of the Storm

Like most people who celebrate Christmas, I’ve had a busy few weeks leading up to Christmas Day. All those presents to buy, wrap and then fret over. All the food […]

Did you know?

This is a new category. I’ll be placing quick writing tips under this heading from now on. These tips will consist of a sentence or two only, which describes, or […]

Grammar Slammer

I seem to be on a roll. 😀 The Grammar Slammer Complete Contents website provides help where anything to do with grammar is concerned. Take a look at the list […]